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What If?

WHAT IF? Fairfax County Virginia It was a bright sunny morning. As I stepped outside onto the porch, white cotton candy…

The Abortion Issue

There have been globally 513,955,913 Covid 19 confirmed cases. There have been globally 6,249,700 confirmed deaths from Covid 19.” World…

Awoke Alert

There has been an unprecedented leak of a Supreme Court initial consideration on abortion — whether that should be left…

A middle aged man in Middle East attire came to me in a dream and told me to write a summary of Ezra.


The children of Israel were in Babylonian captivity. King Cyrus was now King of Persia.

Ezra was a descendant of Aaron — the high priest.

God stirs up the spirit of King Cyrus to let the children of Israel return to Jerusalem and build a house for God there.

King Cyrus returned vessels that had been originally taken from the Lord’s house for the children of Israel to take with them.

Also, financial and other necessities were provided them for the journey and for completing the task of building a house for the Lord in Jerusalem.

They built an altar for sacrifices unto the Lord and kept the feast of Tabernacles.

When the foundation was complete, they all gathered together to give praise to God.

There was a complaint from surrounding nations, but after a decree from King Darius was made, a complete search was made, and King Cyrus’s original detailed decree for the building of the house of the Lord in Jerusalem was found.

The house of the Lord was completed, and on the fourteenth day of the first month, the feast of the Passover was kept.

King Artaxerxes gives Ezra a detailed letter granting to Ezra his decree that Ezra should be given everything that he would need.

They were to remain separate and not intermarry with the people around them.

However, the children of Israel did intermarry with the inhabitants bringing in with them their heathen ways including idolatry.

Ezra and people entered a period of intense intercessory prayer to God for mercy.

They admitted their disobedience, made sacrifices to God asking for forgiveness, and agreed to eliminate those from the other nations with their idols from their midst.

This ends the summary of Ezra.

I think it may have some relevance to events happening today or in the near future. I don’t at this point know what they are.

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