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My name is Wellington E. Watts II.

I don’t think I’m a typical person. I have had 5 personal encounters with the supernatural.

1. My name called, but no one was there.
2. The figure gliding across the parking lot and stopping under my window.
3. The golden balls hitting the middle of my forehead expanding into golden rings accompanied by increasing waves of love that became so intense that I felt like I would suffocate.
4. Even though I had never directed a choir in my life, when the “electricity” shot through my body, I became an instant choir director.
5. With quadruple blockages, I should have been dead by the year. 2000. My cardiovascular surgeon called me The Miracle Man — I was supposed to be in recovery and rehab for at least 30 days. The Miracle Man was home in 8 days.

I graduated from Milton High School as valedictorian in 1960. I also won the American Legion Award.
After four years, I graduated from Eastern Pilgrim College in 1964 with a B.S. degree in Bible along with two years of the New Testament Greek Koine.
During my four years at Eastern Pilgrim College, I sang bass in the King’s Ambassadors quartet for two summers and the Chapel Singers college choir for four years under the direction of Kenneth Masterman  accompanied by his wife Betty.
I continued my eduction at Glassboro State College and completed education courses at Glassboro State College — now Rowan University — for permanent NJ certification.
I bring over 30 years of experience in education as a public school teacher, a private school teacher, and a Christian school administrator to Face Off Today. My father, Rev. Earl Watts was a Wesleyan minister for 45 years and my mother, Anna served tirelessly with him. My brother, Ron became a United Methodist minister for 49 years and my sisters Marilyn and Beverly were public school teachers until their retirement. Our total family was always very active in each church my father served and even traveled with our parents to the Holy Lands and Jordan. 
I have been a church board member, Sunday School teacher, and minister of music — church choirs, worship team leader, composer.
I am married to Nancy (Worrell) Watts and through the years she has been a vital part of my ministry. Music is one of my gifts and I am a composer, writing the lyrics and music that became recorded albums and CDs. Many of these compositions are on the blog for you to hear. Nancy’s renditions have been highly acclaimed, and I know they will inspire you. 
We have one son, Wellington III, who is currently living in Virginia. We are now closer to him since we have moved to Virginia too.,

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